002317 - Engine Adapters Standard to D

(5 customer reviews)

002317 - Engine Adapters Standard to D

(5 customer reviews)

Two simple steps transform a standard engine into a D size. Insert a standard engine into the adapter, and insert the adapter into a rocket. 3 adapters per pack. Reusable.



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Adapts D engine mounts to hold a standard engine.


NOTE: This motor adapter has been tested in products that use ESTES metal engine hooks. It may not work with other brands of engine hooks.


Rockets weighing up to 4 ounces that would normally fly on C11 or D12 engines can be flown on B and C engines.


5 reviews for 002317 – Engine Adapters Standard to D

  1. Rocket Guru (verified owner)

    I use to use a used 24mm D motor casing and tape and a friction tight fit for my Maxi Alpha in small fields, but this is a nice adapter. Hint, to prolong plastic life coat interior only with aluminum duct tape and a tighter fit.

  2. Dean

    Simple solution.

    These adapters are nice for 24mm rockets that can also fly on B6 and C6 motors. I have a 24mm Hornet that, with this product, I can easily fly on B6, C6, C11, and D12 motors, increasing its versatility greatly. I used to make my own adapters, but these are so easy and cheap that I don’t bother any more. Great product!

  3. Finland (verified owner)

    Make sure your rocket uses an engine hook!

    If your rocket uses an engine cap, the adapter will add a tiny bit of length that will result in the cap being unable to close! The design prevents this issue when you use an engine hook ( as intended by the product description ), so make sure you pay attention to this detail and only try to use this for rockets with engine hook mounting!

  4. Billy

    Must have!

    Works perfectly and is easy to use. I would recommend purchasing these Adapters!

  5. Glen

    Good new addition

    You built an D rocket, but if you launch the D rocket on that breezy day, you risk loosing your hours of construction and painting time–not to mention the cost of project! Well, no problem, you go pull out the C engine and launch with confidence of retrieving your life’s work. Just remember that you will need to also step down the ejection delay since you won’t be putting up as high as the D engine.

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