003090 – BT-80 Body Tube


This high quality spiral wound paper tube is used for kits that require the BT-80 body tube.

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Use tube couplers to connect tubes of the same diameter. Two tubes per package. Use on kits that require a BT-80 body tube. Fits the NC-80B nose cone.  Please note:  All body tubes have a +/- tolerance and sizes may vary slightly.

Additional information

Inside Diameter

2.56 in (65.02 mm)

Outside Diameter

2.6 in (66.04 mm)


0.02 in.


14.2 in. (36.1 cm)


1.85 oz

1 review for 003090 – BT-80 Body Tube

  1. Bob

    Reliable Rocket Air Frames

    These tubes are great for making the slightly larger size rockets. I made a rocket with these tubes that flies great on the larger size engines (D12 and E9s)

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