003090 - BT-80 Body Tube

003090 - BT-80 Body Tube

  • High-quality spiral wound paper tube for single stage rockets
  • Capable of handling our 29 mm model rocket engines
  • Light-weight, yet durable – perfect for payloaders


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These spiral wound, Kraft paper body tubes are 14.2 in. in length and can be used as impressive single stage rocket, or it can be coupled with a second BT-80 Body Tube using our BT-80 Tube Couplers to create a super-sized rocket capable of handling any of our 24 mm or 29 mm engines. To accomplish this, simply combine the BT-80 Body Tubes with our Laser Cut Ring Set and it will be possible to create a TARC competition rocket that uses a single Estes 29 mm E16 or F15, a single Estes 24 mm C11, D12 and E12 engine or a 24 mm C11, D12 or E12 cluster rocket for added lift (additional Estes 24 and 29 mm motor mounting components required). To complete the massive size and power capabilities of the BT-80 Body Tubes, a TARC team can incorporate either NC-80K Blow Molded Nose Cone or NC-80B Blow Molded Nose Cone for an impressive and competitive egg lofting rocket.

Inside Diameter

2.56 in (65.02 mm)

Outside Diameter

2.6 in (66.04 mm)


0.02 in.


14.2 in. (36.1 cm)


1.85 oz

1 review for 003090 – BT-80 Body Tube

  1. Bob

    Reliable Rocket Air Frames

    These tubes are great for making the slightly larger size rockets. I made a rocket with these tubes that flies great on the larger size engines (D12 and E9s)

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