003143 - Engine Hook Accessory Pack

003143 - Engine Hook Accessory Pack

7 engine hooks. 3 different sizes.


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Hooks fit mini engines (two), regular and ‘D’ engines (three) and ‘E’ engines (two).

3 reviews for 003143 – Engine Hook Accessory Pack

  1. Bob

    Thanks Estes!

    I damaged the engine hook on my guardian and needed a replacement hook. Luckily my local hobby store carried this engine hook pack! I easily repaired it in 20 minutes and had it ready to fly the next day. Great Product!

  2. Rusty

    Good Product

    I had lost the engine hook in the building process of one of my rockets. Thanks to the engine hook pack, I didn’t have to worry! It also comes with the engine spacer if you want your E rocket to fly on a C11 or D

  3. Apostoli

    thanks yo

    i dameged my Engine Hook on my taser and neded a replacment, Engine Hook Accessory Pack, vwala and now its always there!!

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