003170 – Waterslide Decal Set


For the designer in you! Build your “scratch” rocket and finish it with our waterslide decals.

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Estes now offers waterslide decals for your building enjoyment. Includes 3 colorful 5 inch by 10 inch waterslide decals. Each sheet has different decals on them.

2 reviews for 003170 – Waterslide Decal Set

  1. David

    Cool pack

    I just received this pack in the mail along with the Sci-Fi nose cone pack! This is going to totally expand what I’m able to do with my Designers Pack!

  2. Jeff

    About time!

    Can’t wait to get some of these decals! I’ve always hoped estes would sell some of these as I build a lot of scratch built rockets. Good work estes!!!

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