003196 – Large Tube Coupler Pack

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Tube coupler pack for the large tubes BT-55, BT-56, BT-60 and BT-80.

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Includes two couplers for the BT-55, Bt-56 and BT-60; one for BT-.80.

3 reviews for 003196 – Large Tube Coupler Pack

  1. Rocket Guru

    Nice selection, but the odd JT-56 needs some body tubing and a nose cone to match, too bad they were discontinued.

  2. Michael

    Good repair kit

    Had my Eliminator and Eliminator XL take a hit and partially crush the tube above the tail section. Will be able now to repair them!!

  3. Bob

    Great Product

    These tube couplers come in handy if you need to connect tubes for longer rockets, or if you’re making a rocket with multiple stages.

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