Hi-Flier® XL

(13 customer reviews)

Hi-Flier® XL

(13 customer reviews)

An upsized replica of the #1 selling Hi-Flier! Powered by Estes C11, D and E model rocket engines, amazing heights can be reached!


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What you need to launch

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The name says it all! A sleek sport rocket standing over 30 inches tall, the Hi-Flier XL is an upsized replica of the #1 selling 2178 Hi-Flier. This rocket can heights over 1300 amazing feet.

The Hi-Flier XL flies on Estes C11, D and E model rocket engines and a bright 18 inch parachute brings it back to earth. Plan to fly this one again and again!

WHAT YOU NEED TO BUILD: Scissors, pencil, fine sandpaper, carpenter’s glue, hobby knife, masking tape, primer (white), paint (black, red) and clear coat (optional). (Tools, construction and finishing supplies not included.)

WHAT YOU NEED TO LAUNCH (sold separately): Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and E Launch Controller, Estes model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding. Four 1.5V high quality AA alkaline batteries are also required for launch controller (not included).



Projected Max Altitude

1325 ft. (404 m)

Recovery System

18 in. (46 cm) Parachute


31 in. (78.7 cm)


1.64 in. (42 mm)

Estimated Weight

3.5 oz. (99.2 g)

Estimated Assembly Time

2 Hours (painting and glue drying time not included)

Fin Materials

Laser cut wood

Decal Type


Launch System

Porta-Pad II and E Launch Controller

Launch Rod Size

3/16" Maxi Rod (sold separately)

Age Recommendation

Estes model rocketry is recommended for boys and girls ages 10+ with adult supervision for those under 12, and rocketeers of all ages.

13 reviews for Hi-Flier® XL

  1. Rocket Guru

    Great Hi-Flier XL, Estes, from the original Estes Hi-Flier. How about a 29mm motor mount, for a BT-60 up powered and slotted tube for through tube fins, because a 29mm, or 38mm tube will fit. I would put a 38mm motor mount in the BT-60, minimal diameter, with TTF and use motor adapters, for lower impulse motors. Definitely use a launch rail, too much whip in a launch rod, for high impulse 38mm motors. A 3 X 18mm cluster is possible, if your into clustering, using BP motors 3 x C6-5,7 for lower altitudes, or composite motors for really pushing the limit. How about bringing back the Mars Lander, upgraded, Estes? I have 2, but they have both seen better days.

  2. John

    More XLs please?

    Haven’t had a chance to launch my Hi-Flier XL yet but it was a fun build and looks great. More XLs please!? A Crossfire ISX XL or Generic XL would be pretty nifty.

  3. Johnboy

    totally high flying rocket

    i love the look of the fins and it flew so high it went out of sight for ten seconds!

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