009750 - Pro Series II™ 29 mm Motor Retainer Set

(9 customer reviews)

009750 - Pro Series II™ 29 mm Motor Retainer Set

(9 customer reviews)
  • The perfect accessory for all 29 mm engines
  • Allows you to quickly load and unload engines
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to use


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This threaded Motor Retainer Set is the perfect accessory for all 29 mm motors. It is molded in a heat resistant ABS plastic and allows for quick and easy loading and removal of 29 mm E16 or F15 and most 29 mm composite motors.


0.475 oz.

9 reviews for 009750 – Pro Series II™ 29 mm Motor Retainer Set

  1. isaacolson (verified owner)

    Excellent retainer. These work perfectly and are very affordable. The only improvement that could be made is to make these a 3-pack to match the 29mm motor tube 3-pack. Or, maybe we should just buy two packs of tubes and 3 packs of retainers and build even more rockets…

  2. Steven

    Nice design, work great

    My two pro-series rockets from Estes of course use these retainers, and I even modified my Estes Mean Machine rocket to handle 29mm motors and installed this system on it. Very simple and secure way of holding the motors in place.

  3. Louie (verified owner)

    Nice accessory…

    This is a nice accessory to use when scratch building your own rockets….fits the 29mm engine mount tube nice and makes a nice clean look….Don’t let the plastic scare you….It is very durable as mine have survived skidmark (sparky) type propellant motors with no problem….And hey….you can’t beat the price for TWO….The price of 2 of these retainers is less than 1 of the competitors retainers….try them out…..You will be glad you did.

  4. Brandon

    Good Deal, Lightweight

    These work great for mid-power E-F engines. They make motors easy to secure. They are also very lightweight so you don’t have worry about adding too much weight to the bottom of you’re rocket. These are much cheaper than alternatives on the market.

  5. Ken

    Excellent Retainer!

    I installed 2 sets of the Estes retainers for my 29 mm rockets and they worked great. Easy to install and they’re holding up great after many flights. They are light weight, yet secure the motor very well, and look great too….

  6. Mark

    Best value in a screw on retainer

    These are a steal for your 29mm rockets. They work great and are easy to install. The 24mm are excellent also with the same capabilities.


    Good retainers

    These do a great job of keeping my motors in place without breaking bank.

  8. BW

    Good deal

    This is a reasonably priced and durable product. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  9. John

    Another great product!

    Well designed, durable, and they work great. The price is reasonable as well.

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