009753 – 24 mm to 29 mm Engine Adapter

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Very simple transformation of an Estes 24 mm casing into an Estes 29 mm casing size. Reusable.


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Adapts Estes 24 mm C11/D, Estes 24 mm E and Estes E30 series Composite engines to a 29 mm Estes casing size. Also adapts other brands of 24 mm composite single use and RMS motor systems. 2 sets per package. Includes orange paper adapter tubes, as shown, and are designed for reuse over and over.

2 reviews for 009753 – 24 mm to 29 mm Engine Adapter

  1. JohnA

    Use this as well as their smaller 13mm to 18mm and 18mm to 24mm adapters. Works great and they last a long time. I have some that have been used 20 or more times without an issue. Another note is that you can use this 24mm to 29mm adapter with Aerotech 24mm motors. They fit perfect and allow you to fly 24mm motors in rockets with 29mm mounts.

  2. grig


    It is very good becouse the 29mm engine is very expensive! and you can buy 10$ engine for your’s big rocket!

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