009753 – 24 mm to 29 mm Engine Adapter


Very simple transformation of an Estes 24 mm casing into an Estes 29 mm casing size. Reusable.


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Adapts Estes 24 mm C11/D, Estes 24 mm E and Estes E30 series Composite engines to a 29 mm Estes casing size. Also adapts other brands of 24 mm composite single use and RMS motor systems. 2 sets per package. Includes orange paper adapter tubes, as shown, and are designed for reuse over and over.

1 review for 009753 – 24 mm to 29 mm Engine Adapter

  1. grig


    It is very good becouse the 29mm engine is very expensive! and you can buy 10$ engine for your’s big rocket!

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