071035 - NC-80K Nose Cone

(2 customer reviews)

071035 - NC-80K Nose Cone

(2 customer reviews)

• Aerodynamic blow molded plastic nose cone
• Perfect for BT-80 size body tubes
• Lightweight and durable


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A lightweight, HIPS or high impact styrene plastic blow molded nose cone that is more aerodynamically shaped and is a perfect choice for BT-80 size body tubes and has a molded eyelet molded into the base for easy shock cord and parachute shroud attachment.

2 reviews for 071035 – NC-80K Nose Cone

  1. i like rockets

    I love the shape, it is kind of like apogees nose cone but i like either one!

  2. RocketGuy (verified owner)

    A very nice (ogive) nose cone. May require a little bit of sanding at the seams, but that’s standard with most nose cones. Also a tiny bit loose in the BT-80 body tube, but it’s better to be too small than too big. A short piece of masking tape on the shoulder makes it snug.
    Overall length: Approximately 9.6875″ (24.60cm)
    Nose length: Approximately 8.125″ (23.64cm)
    Nose base diameter: Approximately 2.58″ (6.55cm)
    Shoulder length: Approximately 1″ (2.54cm)
    Shoulder diameter: Approximately 2.53″ (6.42cm)
    Weight: Approximately 1.5oz (44g)
    NOTE: I say “Approximately” on everything because “your mileage may vary”. I used calipers and a small package scale, but exact accuracy is not guaranteed.
    Some may notice that the nose length and shoulder length added together do not equal the overall length. This is due to the short taper at the shoulder end of the nose cone for the shock cord and parachute mount. The nose cone also has a small hole in the end of the base to accommodate adding weight if desired.
    I bought 5 of these for multiple projects.

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