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The Estes Super C is back! Reintroducing the Estes C5-3 engine – 50% increase in maximum thrust over a standard C engine and the punch you need to propel those heavier rockets off the pad. The Super C is a great choice for larger birds and for payload rockets, like competition egg-lofters, that need that extra push.

Additional information


2.8 in. (7 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

0.83 oz. (23.6 g)

Total Impulse


Time Delay


Estimated Max Lift Weight

8.0 oz (227)

Max Thrust

20.40 Newtons (4.6 lbs)

Thrust Duration

1.85 Seconds

Initial Weight

0.83 (23.6)

Propellant Weight

0.39 oz (11 g)

3 reviews for 001617 – C5-3 Engines

  1. Mark A. Helms

    Perfect engine for the Estes Mercury Redstone. Recently launched our Liberty Bell 7 scale model with the C5-3, and had three perfect flights. Got up to an estimated 500 ft. altitude. Highly recommend for model rockets such as this.

  2. James W Piliero

    Very glad to see these back. I hope in time Estes will add a little more “Burn Time” to all their great reliable motors to make the launches even more fun to watch.

  3. Rocket Guru

    The return of the Estes 18mm C5-3 Super C rocket motor has been long over due and thanks to you Estes for making this possible. The original C5-3 back in the 1980’s had a slightly longer burn time, at 2.10sec, but only 0.2sec.off of the current burn time of 1.9sec.and is a great rocket motor for the Maxi-Brutes series and works fine for my Maxi Alpha in small fields. Will we expect to see more from the Super C line of motors like a booster C5-0, or upper stage C5-5,6,or 7, Estes?

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