002227 - Tube Marking Guide

002227 - Tube Marking Guide

The tube marking guide is an easy way to mark your fin and launch lug placement. The marking guide is a must for any rocket builder!


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Easy way to mark fin and launch lug placement lines. Also includes a fin gluing jig.

14 reviews for 002227 – Tube Marking Guide

  1. Gregory

    Great guides

    Huge improvement over wrapping paper guides around the tube. I always check both ends to ensure none of the lines have drifted as I drew them. Has greatly improved the accuracy of my builds.

  2. Jay

    Wow what a cool tool!

    I am getting back into rocketry after years away from the hobby. This is a super tool that I could have used years ago. I always used the door frame and “eye-balling”. This guide is easy to use and is extremely precise. Every rocket builder should have one to build rockets that look good and fly straight.

  3. Michael

    Looking foward to using it

    Just ordered this to get more out of building these rockets

  4. Tim

    Using it more and more…

    I’ve had mine about 8 years or so, and find I use it more and more on every build. Great replacement for the trusty door jamb!

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