002228 - Ultimate™ Tube Marking Guide

002228 - Ultimate™ Tube Marking Guide

  • Gets it straight, every time
  • Allows for accurate and consistent fin placement
  • Works will all Estes body tubes


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A heavy-duty, 18 in. long precision plastic marking tool that makes drawing accurate fin or launch lug lines the length of any size body tube a breeze!

5 reviews for 002228 – Ultimate™ Tube Marking Guide

  1. Jay

    Yes, you need one

    I had purchased the 2227 Tube Marking Guide and thought I had made a mistake by purchasing the 2228, too. They do a lot of things the same but also have a number of unique applications. For the cost it is well worth having to build quality rockets, even if you already have the 2227 guide.

  2. David

    Well thought out tool

    This marking guide really makes marking alignment lines a breeze. Since I purchased mine I have built the Estes Vagabond rocket kit # 3217, a 35 3/4 inch rocket. Marking both tubes before assembling the BT-60 tubes with the tube coupler was easy and made matching the lines perfectly. One thing that will aid you in marking your tubes is try using the fin clips that comes with the fin alignment tool if you have one to secure the tube. The really nice feature with this tool is the capability to be able to mark any size tube.

  3. Stephen

    Good tool

    Gets it straight, every time, and beats having pencil marks on your door frames.

  4. Bob

    A must buy!

    I used to have a system of 3 pieces of right angle molding which I used for tube marking. The downside with molding is it tends to have rounded edges and isn’t able to get a lot of precision. Using door frames has the same problem.

    I came across this thing in my local hobby shop and decided to give it a go. It has real straight edges and perfectly fits all tubes. It’s also cheaper than the molding trick!

    I used this to put together an Bullpup kit, where straight lines are very important. It did the job perfectly. I would strongly recommend this for any serious modeller!

  5. John

    Works Great!

    Tube marking guide works great, simple and easy to use.

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