002231 - Fin Alignment Guide

(35 customer reviews)

002231 - Fin Alignment Guide

(35 customer reviews)
  • FAST & ACCURATE fin alignment
  • Great for three or four finned rockets
  • Fits body tubes ranging from BT-20 to BT-80


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A precision molded accessory that makes it easy to glue three or four fins to various sized body tubes ranging from BT-20 to BT-80 diameters. Unique and adjustable vertical fin holders can accommodate either 3/32 in. or 1/8 in. balsa, bass or plywood fins. This is a must-have tool for any serious model rocket builder.

Never attach your fins wrong again and remove that painful process of holding them in place while the adhesive dries!

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35 reviews for 002231 – Fin Alignment Guide

  1. Eugenio C

    Fins do NOT align perpendicular to the body tube even paying attention to the 1/8 vs 3/32 markings. The spent casings (or blanks) are imprecise and are not fit to meet the specs of the tubes. Great novelty/concept, but poorly executed. (20+ year rocketeer. Going back to using my eyes and waiting on individual fins to dry.)

  2. David Zuba

    I was intrigued by the idea, but sadly the “guides” aren’t perpendicular to the base. The one I purchased is useless.

  3. Ben

    I purchased one of these in April 2021 and was sceptical based on the negative reviews but decided to chance it. The product works. Like most things it’s user dependent so dry fitting and measuring is required but the fin guide will absolutely keep things straight. Pay attention to the 1/8 and 3/32 markings on the alignment tabs so you’re sure you’re using the correct side. Also, withe the 24-29mm motor adapter you can use this kit on 29mm motor tubes too.

  4. Zack Henderson

    The concept is great but the plastic inserts are imperfect on the one I purchased. The bent plastic makes it impossible to stand the fins up straight and without that, why bother? Perhaps if they will accept my return I can get one of better manufacture.

  5. jkap13

    works as advertised. i’ve had mine for many years now and still use it.

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