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Tube Cutting Guides

SKU: 002315

A quick and easy way to cut all of the most common sized body tubes to custom lengths!

Heavy duty plastic guides slip easily onto your body and allows for precision cuts for specific lengths. 5 guide sets are included. BT5, BT20, BT50, BT55 and BT60.

A must have for all rocket builders! You won't find an easier way to shorten that body tube!

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Kent G
Useful tool that could be even more

Great for marking tubes and guide for cutting as the two halves click together to secure the body tube. It would be nice to have the 56, 65, and 80 tube sizes for better coverage of tube sizes for builders as this is sold under building tools. Another useful option would be to put either degree marking or 3 and 4 fin line markings on the outside. It would add to the utility of the product without much cost increase.


Definitely a great tool to have when building your rocket

John E Adams
Like others have said, more useful than the sale name

Like others have said, more useful than the sale name indicates.
Since I do a lot of scratch building of old kits, I wish Estes would add the BT-56.
Tubes, Nose cones & Engine Mounts are al available as well as many plans.
My first Estes Camera Rocket was a BT-56, an E2X kit that used 110 film.
I still have film in that cone that needs to be used up and developed.
Even if Estes has discontinued the BT-56 line, that size is a huge portion of it's history.
And I like building the old kits I had when I was a kid from scratch as close to what they were as I can.
So PLEASE ESTES, Add one for the BT-56!!!