002315 - Tube Cutting Guides

(11 customer reviews)

002315 - Tube Cutting Guides

(11 customer reviews)

A quick and easy way to cut all of the most common sized body tubes to custom lengths!


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Heavy duty plastic guides slip easily onto your body and allows for precision cuts for specific lengths. 5 guide sets are included. BT5, BT20, BT50, BT55 and BT60.

A must have for all rocket builders! You won’t find an easier way to shorten that body tube!

11 reviews for 002315 – Tube Cutting Guides

  1. John E Adams

    Like others have said, more useful than the sale name indicates.
    Since I do a lot of scratch building of old kits, I wish Estes would add the BT-56.
    Tubes, Nose cones & Engine Mounts are al available as well as many plans.
    My first Estes Camera Rocket was a BT-56, an E2X kit that used 110 film.
    I still have film in that cone that needs to be used up and developed.
    Even if Estes has discontinued the BT-56 line, that size is a huge portion of it’s history.
    And I like building the old kits I had when I was a kid from scratch as close to what they were as I can.
    So PLEASE ESTES, Add one for the BT-56!!!

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