072653 - Pro Series II™ 2" Plastic Nose Cone

(4 customer reviews)

072653 - Pro Series II™ 2" Plastic Nose Cone

(4 customer reviews)

2 inch OD plastic nose cone.


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Blow mold plastic nose cone used in the Pro Series II 9703 Argent model rocket. Can also be used in designing your own rocket!

4 reviews for 072653 – Pro Series II™ 2″ Plastic Nose Cone

  1. Ed McCarthy (verified owner)

    Sandra is quite a help and appreciate the effort to find me a nose cone for my Mammoth which was destroyed due to a E9-6 malfunction! Kudos to Sandra and Estes for having parts for the 2 inch Proseries II rockets.

  2. RocketGuy (verified owner)

    Nice long ogive nose cone for the Estes 2″ O.D. body tube. Total length is approximately 11.625″. Shoulder is approximately 2″ long (so exposed nose cone is approximately 9.625″).

  3. Rocket Guru

    Thank you Sandra Cox and kudos to you for the 411. Been busy designing, with this info and since the lock down this would be a good time for a build 😉

  4. Rocket Guru

    Do not have the full specs on this nose cone, besides the O.D. 2 inches and I thinking about using this to upscale an Estes Orbital Transport Lift Vehicle and this nose cone looks close enough. Any chance this is the same nose cone as the Estes Prowler nose cone, except the Estes Prowler nose cone in black in color, Estes?

    • Sandra Cox (verified owner)

      The #1259 was a BT50 nose cone 50yr. The Prolwer nose cone is a 2″ black nose cone (#072866) although it is not available, the website offers item#072653 that is the same nose cone as the black nose cone used for the Prowler except it is white in color. This nose cone is similar in shape and the closest we have.

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