Black Brant XII
Black Brant XII
Black Brant XII
Black Brant XII
Black Brant XII

Black Brant XII

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The iconic Black Brant XII is a scale model of the Canadian sounding rocket, making it an ideal expert model rocketry project. Fun and challenging to assemble, it features high-grade components for excellent performance and remarkable flights! Sporting iterations of its classic styling with balsa and injection molded plastic fins, this model rocket is sure to reignite love for the original. Complete your Estes Black Brant XII rocket with a 24-inch nylon recovery chute. Thrilling to build and fly, it is among the highest-flying models in Estes' scale model collection.

  • SKILL LEVEL: Expert.
  • PROJECTED ALTITUDE: 1100 ft. (335.28 m) on motor E16-6


The Black Brant XII model rocket will take your rocket launching journey to the next level. Its unique design allows it to rise to greater heights than your average rocket, giving you the remarkable experience of watching it soar through the sky. Get your Black Brant XII today and make your rocket launching dreams come true!

An Iconic Model Based on NASA's Reliable Research Rocket

The reliable and cost-effective Black Brant by NASA is the most widely used sounding rocket today. With a vehicle success rate of over 98%, it has been used for over 1,000 launches and is continuously being updated to meet NASA’s changing needs.

This 1:14 scale replica of one in the Black Brant family that stands an awe-inspiring 54" tall and features detailed waterslide decals. Use a E16-6 or F15-6 engine (sold separately) to reach stunning heights and enjoy a smooth recovery with the included 24" parachute. Create your own Black Brant XII experience today!

Order now and get ready to reach for the stars!

This new model recreates the striking look and feel of the original! Thrillingly detailed assembly to challenge and reward expert level model rocketeers.  The Black Brant XII Model Rocket requires an Estes E16-6 or F15-6 engine (sold separately)  to achieve liftoff and soar through the skies.  The 24-inch nylon recovery parachute ensures that the rocket recovers safely and is ready for future use.


What You Need to Fly

Pro Series Launch Pad and Pro Series II Launch Controller, 1/4 inch Two-Piece Launch Rod. Estes model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding.
Six C 1.5V high quality C alkaline batteries (sold separately)

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended Engines

E16-6, F15-6
  • Launch System

Pro Series Launch Pad
  • Projected Max Altitude

1100 ft. (335.28 m)
  • Recovery System

24 in. (60.96 cm) Parachute
  • Length

54.6 in. (138.62 cm)
  • Diameter

2.22 in. (56.32 mm)
  • Weight

11.5 oz. (326 g)
  • Fin Material

Laser Cut Balsa Wood

Needed to Build (sold separately)

Scissors, pencil, ruler, fine sandpaper, carpenter's glue, plastic cement, hobby knife, masking tape, primer (white), and paint (black, white).

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This product recommended for rocketeers ages 18+.