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NASA SLS Model Rocket Kit

Taking on the New Space Wave!

Join Estes Rockets in this endeavor to conquer the new space wave by checking out one or all of their real-life inspired space models: The Blue Origin New Shepard, Space X Falcon 9, NASA SLS and Saturn V! Inspired by Alan Shepard, the Blue Origin New Shepard is an embodiment of his dream to reach planets far beyond our own.

Take the New Shepard into orbit and marvel as it climbs through the air and returns safely to Earth on its parachute for fun that can be had again and again!

Whether it’s embellishing your workspace or living area, or is seen tearing through the skies, the Space X Falcon 9 will not disappoint. This beautiful model captures the sleek design and awe-inspiring ingenuity that was put forth by Space X. Grab yours today and join in taking the Falcon 9 to the next level!

Inspired by classic rocketry designs, the NASA SLS is exactly what you would expect when you hear the word “rocket”. Utilizing true-to-life designs, these models put you in the pilot’s seat! Capturing the very essence of the SLS this model, just like their real-life counterparts, are sure to stand the test of time. With true-to-life details and breathtaking craftsmanship, these out-of-this-world models are sure to dazzle both on the ground, and in the sky! Grab yours and explore the skies today!