C6-5 Engines

(26 customer reviews)

C6-5 Engines

(26 customer reviews)


3 – C6-5 Engines
4 – Starters
4 – Starter Plugs

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The Estes C6-5 engine is a single stage engine designed for model rocket flight. This engine is a standard engine designed for flights in rockets weighing less than 4 ounces, including the engine. Each package includes 3 engines, 4 starters and 4 plugs.

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2.8 in. (7 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

.85 oz. (24.1 g)

Total Impulse

10.00 N-sec

Time Delay

5 Seconds

Estimated Max Lift Weight

4.0 oz (113 g)

Max Thrust

15.30 Newtons (3.4 lbs)

Thrust Duration

1.60 Seconds

Initial Weight

0.85 oz (24.0 g)

Propellant Weight

0.43 oz (12.2 g)

Quantity Per Pack


26 reviews for C6-5 Engines

  1. khalen thomas

    I love using these engines in any of my rockets, the entire c6 line of motors is great because of the weight, a breezy day I like to use a c67 so it can get closer to the ground, I use it in my der red max and my skywriter, Buy the bulk pack if you like, awesome little motors

  2. Collin

    always reliable, always cheap

    not once have I doubted this engine. parachute always deploys with it and I average close to 1000ft. and it only cost about $2 a launch!

  3. AwesomeRocketeer (verified owner)

    Good engine.

    Great engine, most powerful standard.

  4. Mark

    Be careful with small models

    Tried and true, you’ll need this motor for all of the heavier, larger kits. But be careful with putting this motor on the small, light kits – many a rocket has been lost due to the power of the C6!

  5. Kris (verified owner)

    Best engine

    I love this engine lots of power!!

  6. Kris (verified owner)

    Best engine

    This is the best engine for Bull Pup

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