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Whether your dream is to be an astronaut one day or you’re looking for a new hobby—becoming a rocketeer is a fascinating and exciting activity for people of all ages.

With over 500 million launches, Estes Rockets has been the leader of model rocketry for over 60 years. For hobbyists, parents, and educators, we provide you with everything you need for a safe and successful launch. Together, let’s take a closer look at why model rockets might be just the type of takeoff you’ve been searching for!




Maybe you’ve been building model cars for decades and you’re looking for something new or you’ve always had a deep love and appreciation for train sets. Calling all hobbyists! It’s time to meet at the launch pad. What makes model rockets so thrilling is the moment—after hours of meticulous engineering—when it’s finally time for the liftoff countdown to begin. What’s unique to rockets is that they make for a more interactive experience than some of their model-building counterparts. Awaiting that memorable moment of liftoff is what makes this activity shine—and allows it to go far beyond just building that model and having it sit on a shelf. Though, with that being said, we must add that our precise 1:100 scale reproductions of rockets (like the Saturn V Skylab) look pretty intergalactically stellar once set out on display! Hobbyists, the choice is yours—perhaps, one for the collection and one to launch?!




Rocketry is perfect for a kid who is interested in STEM or building with their hands. Are your kids always trying to find out how something is put together? Maybe you’re raising a future astronaut or rocket scientist. Whether your child is just beginning to show an interest in science or is already a budding enthusiast, building model rockets is a wonderful activity for you and your little rocketeer. At Estes Rockets, we’re proud to offer model rocket kits for different skill levels from beginner to master. Not only does this allow flexibility when purchasing our products for different age levels and skill sets, but it’s also a great way for your child to grow along with their craft of rocket-making. Rocket building is also a fantastic activity for birthday parties and is an educational and interactive way to cure the summertime boredom blues with a group of friends. To make it easy for these types of group activities, we have bulk model rocket kits available which come with 12 rockets in a box. Model rocket building can also be a special bonding experience for you and your child—if you choose to create your rocket just the two of you.




Whether you’re a school teacher, homeschool instructor, or guidance counselor for a summer camp program—we invite you to take learning to new heights with Estes model rockets. For teachers looking for a STEM activity to engage their students, our rockets help sharpen critical thinking and collaboration skills while instilling a love of science within your students. To simplify educating on rocket building, we have created lesson and unit plans on our education website. Currently, we are offering lesson plans for elementary and middle school students. For those of you who are running homeschool programs, it’s our mission to give you the tools and confidence to take learning to new heights at home—and that’s why our lesson and unit plans are free to download, giving you the ability to create the best experience for you and your student. Estes model rockets are also the perfect addition to youth programs. We even have downloadable Youth Program Guides to help provide you with a learning resource. Not only are our model rockets fun, but they also bring about developmental skills like team building among program and camp-goers, and inspire children through hands-on learning.

The Aerospace Industries Association states, “39% of aerospace companies predict an extreme impact on their business growth caused by a skilled labor shortage”. With Estes Rockets, you are giving students the opportunity to succeed both today and tomorrow.

If all of this rocket talk is sparking your interest, make sure to check out our catalog of model rockets on If you have any questions, reach out! Whether you’re a hobbyist, parent, or educator, we love talking rockets. We know the art of rocket making can come with a unique set of questions and concerns, and we’re always here to help.

From our Estes Rockets team to you—thanks for reading! Now let’s prepare for lift-off!


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