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2024 Father's Day Gift Guide

It's no secret dads are notoriously hard to shop for and finding just the right gift can sometimes feel nearly impossible. True to form, he'll probably say that he doesn't want anything, but we're here to change his mind with our curated list of the best Father's Day gifts out there! Even if he claims to have everything that he needs, showing up without a great Father's Day gift on June 16th is seriously not cool, so why not surprise him with a rocketinstead?

Not Sure Where to Start? Try These Iconic Rockets:

Estes Rockets Father's Day Gift Ideas

We've scoured our catalog to find ideas that speak to rocketry lovers, space fans, collectors and hobbyists and have even thrown in some unique gifts that are truly one-of-a-kind! What's even better? These ideas will work for stepdads, fathers-in-law and even Grandpa!

  • Space X Falcon 9: This 1:100 scale flying model of the Falcon 9 rocket, topped with a Dragon Crew spacecraft, is a showstopper. Whether it’s on a custom display stand in Dad’s office or soaring up to 300 feet on a recommended Estes engine, this rocket is a must-have.

  • Saturn V Ready to Fly: This 1:200 scale model of the iconic Saturn V celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Perfect for flying or as a collectible, it’s a tribute to one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

  • Space Shuttle: For beginners, the Estes Space Shuttle is a no-assembly-required, intricately detailed model that promises thrilling launches up to 600 feet. It’s an easy way for any dad to join the rocketry fun or display his love for space anywhere he likes.


For the Dads Who Have Never Launched (Beginner Level)

If your dad is new to rocketry, don't worry! We have options that will get him hooked.

  • AstroCam Starter Set: Capture real-life audio and video from a rocket in flight. Your dad can share his aerial adventures or plan high-altitude experiments. Plus, imagine the bragging rights when he posts those epic videos online! Remember the recommended C6-5 engines while you're shopping!

  • Zombie Rocket: Perfect for sci-fi and horror fans, this rocket is sure to pique interest and offer a hair-raising adventure. Pair it with an Estes C6-5 engine for an incredible flight!

Don't forget to snag an epic NASA SLS Hoodie so he looks like a pro while launching his new rockets!


For the Dads Who Like a Challenge (Intermediate/Advanced Level)

Father's Day Rocket Gifts

Maybe your dad has launched a few rockets and is up for a new challenge.

  • Big Daddy: With a streamlined design and a 24-inch pre-assembled parachute, this rocket ensures a safe and colorful descent. It stands around 20 inches tall and has a thick waist of 3 inches. Watch it soar out of sight with a C11-3 engine.

  • Der Red Max: Known for impressive liftoffs, this long-time fan favorite is now available in a smaller 1.64-inch diameter version. Imagine 3.5 seconds of smoke and fury on an Estes C6-5 engine!

  • Pro Series Launch Rail: For the dads looking to upgrade their gear, this all-metal launch rail with fiberglass reinforced nylon components offers durability and stability for every launch. With its innovative design, the rail rotates down effortlessly, allowing for the effortless loading of rocket models. Gone are the days of struggling to position rockets on the launch pad!

His look wouldn't be complete without sporting a Der Red Max Long Sleeve Shirt!


For the Self-Proclaimed Pros (Expert/Master Level)

Estes Rockets Father's Day Gift Guide Collection

For the dads who have been launching rockets longer than you’ve been alive.

  • Super Orbital Transport: This rocket features ultra-realistic styling, dual recovery, and launches up to 800 feet on a recommended C11-3 engine or a D12-5 engine. With laser-cut wooden components and a construction jig for speedy and accurate assembly, your dad’s expert skills will be put to the test with this intricate model.

  • Saturn V Skylab: A 1:100 scale reproduction of the historic rocket and space station payload, this model requires precision and patience with its vacuum-formed tube wraps and molded fins. It's perfect for detail oriented dads.

  • Pro Series II Parts Assortment: If one rocket kit isn’t enough, this assortment contains enough components to build and test at least two distinct designs. Perfect for a dad who loves to experiment and refine his creations.

  • Tube Cutting Guides: Make sure to include the Estes Tube Cutting Guides to provide any dad with precision guidance when customizing his body tube lengths for those extreme rocket builds. It's an important part of any rocketeers tool kit! You'll thank us later.

Don’t forget an Estes Booney Hat to keep him shaded while he spends hours in the sun building and launching his rockets!

Happy Gift Giving!

At Estes, we offer a range of unique and memorable rockets for all types of dads—from beginners to pros. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift to show your dad some love this Father’s Day. The joy of model rockets will spread to the entire family!

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Interested in even more rocketry resources? Check out your local National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Chapter and join a community of enthusiasts who share your dad’s passion!


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